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Corporate Events

  • Grand openings

    A grand opening will help you to be recognized by the people. For any event to be successful, the most important thing is to select the perfect event partner.Media creations is such an event organizer, which will help you in every aspect towards your event success.We arrange everything which is necessary from starting the event till the end. We have a team of Candid photographers to make your event memorable by clicking the perfect shots, which can be used for future marketing purpose.We arrange a team to greet the people and to help them.Our security team will take care about the safety and parking.So, the guests and the audience will feel the event safer.Signage for your event will play a critical role in advertising the date your location opens, directional signage for parking and your building and its premises, promotional signage for deals specific to the event and much more.We take care of everything.

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  • Launches

    As we all know that first impression is the best impression.Launching a product or business into the market plays an important role in the success of that particular product or business.Let us take Apple iPhone launch as an example, see how Steve jobs launched the product.Of course he also knows that Apple iPhone has a huge fan base, instead of depending on this he tried to increase the sales by explaining the people how it will be useful in their lives.Media creations is one of the such event organizers, which thinks about the business in 360 degrees view and come up with a strategy to make the launching event as a grand success.First, we will get a clear picture of your event vision, fix the event budget and will prepare a promotional plan accordingly.

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  • Product Promotions

    Promotions play a vital role in the marketing of a business or product.For example, you have a product you want to launch it into the market, the first thing strikes your mind is promotion.Yes, nobody knows about your product and you don't have that much brand popularity to sell that product.So, promotions will help you in creating brand awareness, explains how useful the product is and to improve your sales. We are happy to help you in promoting your product and direct your business to achieve your target.Media creations is one the best promoting agencies in Bangalore, which takes care about your Product promotions.We helped so many clients in the promotion of their products.

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  • Mall Activations

    The Mall activation event is the first step to attract people come again and again.There are so many malls and multiplex over there in the Metropolitan cities today.So, in order to withstand and gain over the competition, you have to offer something new to the visitors.The activation event should be in such a way that both promotion and sales have happened.Usually Mall-goers are open to exploring new brands and learn more about brands.This event takes place as a conversation between the brand ambassador and customer, we get feedback also due to direct interaction. We at Media creations will develop a strategy for this to be happening.We take care of the entertainment, food and beverages, security, staffing and surprising gifts.We will make it look grand and successful.

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  • Roads Shows

    Many companies do Road shows for a variety of reasons.The main purpose of a road show is to convey the company message and to create awareness about the brand.Road show will help the sales team to directly interact with customers.Summer months are notoriously slow for any business, road shows help to keep the numbers steady. Road shows should be both fun and professional. Think of a live band, delicious food and a motivational speech.This will help people to remember your brand for a long time.This is the way people will share your hosting through social media and your brand reputation increases.Media creations helped so many clients in successfully completing their road shows and keeping their numbers steady.We arrange the things whatever needed for your road show.

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  • Corporate Training Programs

    Usually Corporate Training Programs targeted large, small and medium businesses, deliver training that is needed and meets the requirement of todays workplace.To bridge skill gap towards building skilled and productive workforce to meet the challenges of world business competitions by corporates. Corporate training programs plays an important role in educating the employees according to the needs of the industry.These programs are in such a way that the audience should be attracted and they have to feel like learn something new. In between the training we have to entertain them, so that they feel relaxed. Media creations will help you in creating such a work environment.Media creations arrange everything to conduct the event professional and successful.We will help you in every single step starting from selecting the venue till the completion of the event.We will take care of the seating, staffing, food and beverages, security, guest honoring, lighting, entertainment and much more.

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  • Annual Meets

    Generally, annual meetings will held to setting the agenda for the year ahead.An annual meeting is a great venue for starting the process of a cultural change.In the annual meetings we make the people understand what is our vision for the next year and what we are going to achieve. Special appreciations for the best employees and some rewards , gifts to all the employees will help to get better results from the employees.Media creations is aware of doing all these things and knows what to gift for a specific person.Give us a chance to to organize your event and we promise that you will personally feel the difference compared to other event organizers.Media creations believe in giving the best output to the client.If the customer is happy with our association, that is what we need from the customer side.

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  • Corporate Tours

    A Corporate meet in India could be a good way to unite your team for a vision, whereas enjoying the cordial reception and hospitality the region has got to supply.Media creations, assist you produce and execute a company meet that’s fun, productive and unforgettable.We understand your business objectives and your vision behind the tour.We take your business seriously and design the packages accordingly.Media creations will help you in identifying the best holiday destination, the best meeting place, the ideal hotel or resort.We prepare the plan for your tour and ensure that the right equipment and supporting services are at your doorstep.We will take care of all your necessities including tour guides, transportation, food and shelter.Media creations also have experience in handling corporate incentives.We work with you to meet the specific budgets and make it memorable.

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  • Conferences

    In order to organize a conference one have to do lots of research, ground work and data gathering.It will take a lot of time and we have to invest resources to come up with a better plan.Every event has a vision behind it, but we have to transform that vision into words and numbers in order make a decision about the budget.Media creations is an event organizer with so many years of experience in the industry.After preparing a plan for your conference hand over it to us, we will see your plan with our own eyes in the real scenario and then we start.Conferences typically give space to an exhibition area or convention floor for sponsors and vendors to promote their product.Though Media creations have expertise, we will take care of the rented space and the logistics including food and beverages to the attendees.Our team members ensure that everything is going smoothly and they will keep on interacting with if you need anything more.

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  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions can require huge investement, but when they planned and executed we can expect huge returns.This returns consist of leads, market research, strengthening relationship with existing customers and much more.It is difficult to withstand in a highly crowded and competitive environment, where all the exhibitors are trying to achieve the same objective.So, we have to attract the customers towards us by making our stall looks so beautiful.Media creations will help you to grab the attention of the customer.Engaging with the customers and making them understand about the product is another important thing to keep in mind.Our team members will take care of the customer interaction.In order to remember your brand after the exhibition also is the biggest challenge you have to face.Media creations will give you a helping hand to successfully go through the challenge. Enquire Now

  • Seminars

    Seminar is the most common event that planners will organize.Most of the seminars will be scheduled either for half-a-day or one.Seminar will play a vital role in taking your company name into people.Through, seminars one can create awareness about a brand among people.Before conducting a seminar you should have a clear idea about the objective of a seminar.If you are very clear with the objective then prepare your event profile. After preparing your profile you have to contact an event organizer, who will take care about the event from A to Z.Media creations is one of the leading event organizers in Bangalore, which have a lot of expertise in organizing seminars.We will take care of everything about the event.Starting from receiving the guests and attendees till the logistics.Media creations believe in customer satisfaction and that is the reason most our customers are repeated customers.

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